Meet the Longhorn Marketing Intern Team for Spring 2024

Monday, February 19th, 2024

Join us in greeting the Longhorn Marketing Team, our Spring Marketing Interns selected from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. We are working with our interns to devise multiple actionable marketing strategies both on and off campus in Austin, Texas. Our team is focused on helping boost customer visibility regarding our new cofipass Rewards product. Some of our focus areas include:

  1. Design a campus ambassador program to increase paid check-ins at our partner cafes by leveraging influencers and student organizations.
  2. Conduct market research to better understand how other brands approach product pricing in the SMB SaaS landscape.
  3. Develop a social media outreach strategy to get influencers and brand champions excited about using our product.

Name: Collin Katz

Major: Marketing, Business Analytics Minor, Media and Entertainment Industries Minor

Drink: Iced Matcha Latte

About: I'm a very creative person with a diverse skill set and a passion for the entertainment industry. I have experience as a touring and recording musician, photographer/videographer, and entrepreneur. I've started a few small businesses including Texas Guitar Gear (a boutique guitar shop), Dalka Productions (a multimedia business), and Collin Katz Photography. I also have experience interning at SXSW, Better Noise Music (record label), and The Recording Academy. Aside from my professional endeavors, I am very involved on UT campus. I served as the Digital Marketing Director and Vice President of my business fraternity Phi Chi Theta as well as the Videography Chair for the Undergraduate Business Council. Currently, I am the Finance Director for UTalent Records, a student-run record label at UT. I'm also a member of Texas Rock Climbing because indoor bouldering is one of my favorite hobbies!

Name: Cindy Chung

Major: Marketing, Business Analytics Minor

Drink: Iced Vanilla Latte

About: At UT, I had the opportunity to be a part of many organizations in McCombs. In 2021 and 2022, I served as the former Social Media Officer and Professional Development Officer for Texas AMA. Currently, I have two roles within McCombs, one being a Peer Advisor for the McCombs International Programs office in which I help current and prospective students be ready to study abroad. My second role is a continuation as the Marketing Intern for the McCombs Masters of Science Programs in which I help form their marketing strategies.

Name: Megha Balamurugan

Major: Management Information Systems, Finance minor

Drink: Lavender Honey Latte

About: I’m really interested in consulting and product management! I’ve been interning at this boutique consulting firm in Austin for the past 2+ years, and here, I had a really cool opportunity to develop one client’s product— a sleep questionnaire— throughout the past 2 years. Through this project, I brainstormed solutions to advance their product and to improve customer-retention and traction rates, while implementing them too! 2 years into the job, I realized I was actually doing product the entire time, which is what got me interested in PM too. Outside of that though, I love cooking so much. Dinner parties are my go-to “i-miss-my-friends” hangout idea.

Name: Maria Buendia

Major: International Business, Marketing Minor

Drink: Classic Iced Latte

About: I'm really passionate about travel and themed entertainment. During my time at UT I've had the opportunity to participate in the Disney College Program and study abroad in Budapest, Hungary. While on campus, I've been a part of Texas Tour Guides, The Undergraduate Business Council, and the University Catholic Center. After I graduate, I plan to pursue my passions and working in a role within the hospitality industry.

Name: Garima Talwar

Major: Marketing

Drink: Iced White Chocolate Mocha with Vanilla Sweet Cream Foam and Caramel drizzle

About: I think my most powerful tool is my charismatic nature, and I love pouring my personality into my marketing and event planning endeavors. Throughout my time at UT, I have served as a formal director, and am currently the social chair for two different orgs. I am a very involved member and Social Chair in my professional fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, as well as a social chair for a board called Raas Rodeo that organizes a multi-university dance competition, and was previously the treasurer for my spirit organization Texas Lonestars as well. I hope to take this experience and use it towards my career in marketing. Outside of school, I enjoy working out, playing Just Dance, watching Bollywood movies, and hanging out with my friends.

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